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Jarrovian empowers women at Investment Club

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One of Jarrovian’s rising stars is creating waves in the world of women and finance with the launch of an investment club.

Francesca (Frankie) Smith, a Strategic Finance Planner in Jarrovian Wealth’s Private Office, realised women needed a helping hand when it came to gaining confidence with their financial lives and decided to set up an investment club for women to help to empower them.

From virtual chats online with 25 or so women, getting to grips with the basics of finances, it has grown into a thriving community ­­­­­­­­­­­­­–a not-to-be-missed monthly event with guest appearances from women at the top of their game in all sorts of industries.

Frankie teamed up with AllBright, a women’s club in London’s Mayfair set up to create a community where women can make connections, join inspiring events, and network. 

“AllBright had carried out some research amongst its worldwide membership and found 70% of women said they didn’t feel satisfied by their knowledge of finance, hated the jargon and 46% said their biggest financial stress was feeling as if they were behind others financially. I already knew from speaking to clients that women just didn’t have the confidence to get the best from their money and make informed decisions around investing.”

Frankie Smith, Strategic Financial Planner in Jarrovian Wealth’s Private Office

Frankie then did some research with millennials and found that 61% of younger women leave their financial matters to the men in their relationship, that’s despite them often being better educated and in more powerful jobs. That was when she knew it was important to do something and she teamed up with AllBright – a perfect like-minded organisation offering a great venue to hold events. Aimed at women in their late 20s to early 40s, the monthly investment club began with Frankie chatting to attendees about financial topics such as tax planning, pensions, and investing.  But it has quickly grown to include inspirational speakers, creating a room of dynamic women. From Phoebe Stone, Head of Sustainable Investment at private bank LGT to Nicola Day, Deputy Head of Greenbank Rathbones, who gave some amazing insight into the future of sustainable investing and the outcomes for investors from Cop-26.

Meg Randall, Head of Bonhams auction house in Knightsbridge had women riveted when she shared insight about handbags being one of the latest alternative investments. Women now come regularly to the club to share their stories, support each other, gain confidence, and tackle issues that affect their daily lives.

At last month’s event, more than 60 women were entertained by Ruth Leas, CEO at Investec Bank, and her colleague Stacey Parrinder-Johnson, Chief Investment Officer, as they shared the highs, lows and pitfalls of their successful careers in the financial world.

Frankie said: “The Investment Club has snowballed into something I could never have dreamed of. The energy in the room at the events is so powerful. What was all about financial education in the beginning – and that’s still very important – has grown into a community of strong, independent, and empowered women who feel in control and can achieve big things with their finances, their careers, and their whole lives.”

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Frankie Smith
Financial Planner, Private Office


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